John Lee Sanders

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and Emmy nominated composer, John Lee Sanders comes from the deep roots of jazz, blues and roots music through his early years in the Mississippi Delta, Alabama, the Bayous of Louisiana, and The plains of Texas. John Lee has a universal gift to reach audiences from a broad and diverse musical spectrum.

With blues at the core, he has evolved a complex musical gumbo, with the flavors of Cajun, Rock, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Country, classical, with a deep love of the traditions, and culture of New Orleans.

He Comes from a four generation Memphis musical family with ties to WC Handy, father of the blues. Grandmother played piano in the silent movie era,
His aunt lived only a few doors down from Elvis Presley, and a young Aretha Franklin was born 4 blocks from his Grandmother's house in Memphis,
He spent his formative teen years in Birmingham, Ala, ground Zero of the American civil rights movement, Birmingham concert promoters in the early 60s billed 13 year old “Little John” as Birmingham’s answer to “Little Stevie Wonder”,

John Lee has touring major blues and jazz festivals throughout North America, and Europe, and has performed with many music legends, including the Opening act for Bonnie Raitt's 2012 tour. Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Donald Fagan of Steely Dan, and so many more.

His 2014 CD, with Rad Gumbo won the German Music Critics award. He has a 2004 Blues song of the year nomination, and a 2007 Emmy song of the year nomination.
His childhood encounters with the likes of
Elvis Presley and Dr. Martin Luther King are part of the landscape that influenced this gifted performer and composer.
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