Bucket Full of Blues
2009 Winner of 3 BC Canada Music Awards
Blues Recording of the year
R&B Soul Recording of the Year
Group of the Year
2009 WCMA nomination,
Outstanding Blues Recording
Produced 2008 by John Lee Sanders
& The World Blue Band www.worldblueband.com
Executive Producers: Frank Folgmann and Gottfried Angerer
Production Notes: Basic tracks recorded by
Andreas Luger at: NiceView Studios Linz/Austria
Additional recordings at: “Attic Studios” Linz/Austria,
“RV-Studios” San Francisco/USA, “
Tor 2” Aachen/Germany
Mixed and mastered by Christian Bachner, Lambach/Austria
John Lee Sanders, Piano, Tenor Sax, Lead & Background Vocals
Frank Folgmann, Guitar
Gottfried Angerer, Bass
Raphael Wressnig, Hammond Organ
Jeff Boudreaux, Drums
Butch Coulter, Harmonica
Garth Webber, Guitar on "Bucket Full of Blues"
All Music by John Lee Sanders
except "Midnight in New Orleans", and "Me and Your Pajamas"
Lyrics by
Chris Caswell, Chip Sanders, Frank Folgmann

Mozart Rhythm & Romance
"Mozart's music is perfect. John Lee Sanders takes perfect melodies and re- seasons them with delicious,contemporary styles. Everyone needs these great melodies whether they are original or with a celtic, latin or pop flare. Enjoy these sonic delights." Don Campbell author of The Mozart Effect ®

The Gospel Sessions
John Lee Sanders sings live in a Vancouver studio, in this intimate solo performance on a 9 foot grand Piano. An inspirational Holy Ghost driven performance of classic Gospel, and the songs of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan.

From The Mississippi Delta to Birmingham, Heading south from Memphis through the bayous of Louisiana, to New Orleans, from Texas to Oakland, Gospel music was the common thread that ran through the music of the deep South, and the life of John Lee Sanders.
These are songs of redemption, faith, courage, and a cry for strength to overcome temptations, in “Hallelujah” in the story of David and Bathsheba. Songs of healing and recovery from addictions, in “I Came To Believe”
These are songs of gratitude, and how God has blessed my life and my family, in the Song, “Look What God has done”. On the flip side, these are songs like, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” of His wrath, when we disobey his commandments.
These are songs of “Amazing Grace”, and “Just For Me” and how His love and work on the cross can wash and purify the most wretched vile person on this earth, if we only repent and believe.
These are songs of humility, and compassion, Revelation and Hope, when Jesus returns and sets up his Kingdom on Earth, in “When He Returns”.
Live At Rock Beach
John Lee Sanders in his first live CD Ever, capturing the excitement of Original Louisiana Roots music, Gospel and Classic blues tracks.
Recorded On February 9 & 10, 2006, as the audio soundtrack to the companion DVD, in Rock Beach Studio in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. This state of the art recording studio was transformed into a sound stage with a 4 camera crew, and over 200 fans and family.

Featured on this recording is the legendary Blues Diva, Kathi McDonald,
(Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner) who brought the house down on her version of "I'd Rather Go Blind". John does a new version of the Long John Baldry classic, "Midnight in New Orleans". John Lee was Long John's Music director for many years. John and his wife Judy were close to Baldry and with him until the end of his life. John Lee also wrote and performed "I never Saw it coming" a touching tribute and farewell to his mother, Gladys Sanders, who passed away in 2003, while he was on tour with Paul Williams and Melssa Manchester. John stays close to his New Orleans Roots on this energetic recording and also explores his amazing songwriting skills, with some unheard material, such as "How Long Do you Hang On To A Dream" written with the brilliant lyricist, Chris Caswell. John wrote the music at his mother's Bayou home in Lousiana on the back porch swing, in a last trip home and recaptured some of the magic of the great songwriters of the old south such as Johnny Mercer.

The Musicians in this recording are probably some of Canada's best, including Dennis Marcenko on Bass, longtime touring bassist with KD Lang.
and Chris Nordquist, who was Canadian Drummer of the year for many years in a row.

In the 2 nights of 4 hours of music, we selected the takes and decided to release a double disc cd. featuring the most outstanding blues musicians in Canada.

Guitar, Tim Porter/
Bass, Dennis Marcenko/ Drums, Chris Nordquist/
Hammond Organ & Accordian, Darryl Havers /Harmonica, Rob Bracken/
Kathi McDonald, Lead & Background Vocals
John Lee Sanders, Piano, Tenor Sax, Vocals

John Lee Sanders- Live At Rock Beach
World Blue Productions

I first encountered John Lee Sanders back in 1995 when I saw him on tour in the UK with the slide guitar maestro Roy Rogers and his Delta Rhythm Kings, where he was playing some powerful tenor sax, and I was very impressed with the extra dimension that he gave to the Rogers band. This twenty-one track double disc was recorded in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada where Louisiana-born Sanders is now based. The band and the audience were packed into a recording studio, and it sounds as though great fun was being had by all present. The original idea was to film a DVD and Sanders was so pleased with the sound that he decided to release the session as a compact disc and I for one am glad that he did.

Sanders has surrounded himself with some very impressive Canada based musicians and vocalist, who between them have performed with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Bo Diddley, John Hammond, Buddy Guy, Lowell Fulson, Freddie King, the Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, and Tina Turner. The majority of the lead vocals are from Sanders, as well as playing piano and tenor sax, but on this highly recommended set he gives his outstanding fellow performers plenty of space to express their own personalities - the mark of a good band leader

This disc is an entertaining and well-balanced mix of blues, Gospel, soul, love songs and ballads all performed with equal commitment and energy. There are ten original compositions, some co-written by his brother Chip, alongside material from, among others, Earl King, Percy Mayfield, Long John Baldry, (to whom the disc is dedicated), Johnny Cash and Louis Jordan. The vocals from Sanders are distinctively gutsy and heartfelt throughout, and on “I’d Rather Go Blind” from the pens of Ellington Jordon and Billy foster, he is joined by the much in demand vocalist Kathi McDonald. This slow paced soulful ballad is one of the many highlights, and I just wish there could have been more titles with this outstandingly charismatic and engaging performer.

Sanders writes commanding original material and in 2004 his song “Foreclose on the House of Love” was nominated for song of the year at the W.C. Handy Awards. The version here swings along at a dynamic pace while Baldry’s “Midnight in New Orleans” has this impressive band as tight as you could possibly get – with a tenor sax solo from Sanders that adds even more energy to this already highly charged outfit.

This band of Tim Porter (guitar), Dennis Marcenko (bass), Darryl Havers (Hammond Organ and accordion), Chris Nordquist (drums), and Rob Bracken (harmonica) are equally at home playing slow atmospheric ballads or racing along at a dynamic pace, and all playing important roles on this outstandingly entertaining set. Sanders proves himself not only an inventive and skilled musician, but a bandleader and arranger of some importance. I certainly hope there is more to come from this outfit and I shall keep an eye out for the DVD.
Rating: 10 – Bob Tilling Blues in Britain Magazine