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This is a collection of Gospel Songs recorded between 1999-2005, beginning with sessions at Raw Records in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I brought in some of the top vocalists of the Glide Memorial Church Choir. Other songs have been recorded at my studio in California and British Columbia.

Each song has it's own story, but the title song, "Beacon of Light" is about a dream I had as a Child, Where God's Light beamed his love and healing power throughout the universe
and touched to the depths of my soul. The light came from a lighthouse, and is a universal icon guiding sailors, and troubled souls back to the source of a love greater than our human understanding.

My love of Gospel music began back in a Mississippi Methodist Church, when I learned the hymns of our spiritual heritage,
I learned Black Gospel from the radio and Sunday Morning broadcasts, and later performed that music as the Hammond Organist in the largest Black Church in Oakland, Beebe Memorial.
The Lord is my refuge, and this music takes me to a place of pure joy and peace.

This CD is available through itunes, Amazon, and paypal through my website.
I'll be performing Gospel shows from time to time in Churches and festival, so please check my tour schedule.