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    Cover Art From my 2019 CD "Tweakin Some Twang". I did this in Photoshop, and a 3D imaging program.
    All images from my musical memories, Memphis, Birmingham AL, Oakland, New Orleans, and Vancouver
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    In 2012, I was contracted as the Piano Singer Entertainer on the World Residensea, Setting sail from Nome, Alaska, U.S. on 18 August 2012 and reaching Nuuk, Greenland on 12 September 2012, The World became the largest passenger vessel at the time to transit the Northwest Passage.[6][7] The ship, carrying 481 passengers and crew, for 26 days and 4,800 nautical miles (8,900 km) at sea, followed in the path of Captain Roald Amundsen, the first sailor to complete the journey in 1906.[8] In 2019, the ship traversed the Passage from east to west, becoming the 300th vessel to make the voyage, and the largest to do so in both directions.
    Since the Photo was taken in 2012, Greenland has become Ground Zero for Climate Change, and I learned much about on this amazing Voyage.

    For many scientists, Greenland is considered “ground zero” for climate change, a place where global warming’s impact is most apparent — and where the effects of rising temperatures, warming oceans and melting ice could have the most dire consequences. But for the 55,000 people who make their home on this massive, ice-covered island, an autonomous Danish territory, the realities of climate change are complex, bringing both unexpected benefits and acute challenges.