I recorded this CD in 1999, with some of the top musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jazz, Classical, World fusion,
after many tours of Austria and Germany, visiting Mozart's home in Salzburg and Vienna. My background is much more Blues and Jazz, but I've been a Mozart fan much of my life.

So much has been learned in the making of this CD, it has definately been a labor of Love. My Inspiration
initially came from the simlistic elegance of Mozart’s music itself, the rhythm and romance of life, and the
whispers of the Angels. To comprehend the genius of Mozart is to understand that divine channel of creativity,
that flowed from him like an eternal spring, from his first brilliant piano concerto at age 5, to his dying breath,
in a requiem that captures the mystical journey from this world to the next. I have felt that passion in rare
moments when time stands still and the music takes over body and soul. His music has become such a part of
me since visting his Birthplace in Salzburg, and visualizing this project, The “Mozart Effect” on my music will
be forever felt, whether it be gospel, blues or pop. In a world where sub-woofers pound the pavement, and the
samples loop into into infinity, Mozart will still be my musical blue Oasis, a place of pure joy, love and the
perpetual flow of divine inspiration, to raise this planet to a higher vibration.

Many Thanks to Michael & Trish Cobb, Danny and Kaori Hull, Todd Ratfild, Bruce Tambling, Linda Arnold,
and Ned Hearn for believing in this Record. To my father, William D. Sanders
(1914-1995), My mother Gladys, and most of all, to my Heavenly Father, the fountain of all blessings and
Produced, Composed, Arranged, and Performed by John Lee Sanders
Engineered by
Bruce Tambling,
Mastered by Tom Carr,
additional recording by
Bruce Kaphan
Mozart's music arranged and adapted by John Lee Sanders
Original lyrics by
Chris Caswell
Michael Spiro - percussion,
Ron E. Beck - drums,
Samba Ngo, electric guitar,
Shelley Phillips. Irish harp,
Dennis Murphy - bass,
Jeff Linsky, nylon string guitar, courtesy of Concord Records,
Irene Sazer - violin,
Paul VanWageningen - drums,
Bruce Kaphan, electric guitar,
Ruth Davies, upright bass,
Tom Poole - trumpet,
Todd Denmann,Uillian Pipes,
Irina Mikhailova, vocals,Courtesy of Well Tempered Productions
John Lee Sanders, vocals, piano, organ, keyboards, soprano sax, alto sax,
tenor sax, flute, penny whistle, and back cover painting
Photos by Gary Parker