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JLS and the World Blue Band, Austria, Germany, Paris France
with Frank Folgmann, Guitar
Gottfried Angerer, Bass
Jeff Boudreaux, Drums

This has been my European Touring Band since 1997, when we met on a concert in Slovenia as the backup band for Jimmy Witherspoon, and formed a great unit. on many tours since then. We've won the German Music Critics Award 2014, and Canadian Group of the year, in 2009, on our CD "Bucket Full of Blues". Have performed many of the top blues and jazz festivals across Europe.
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Performing at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Fest with John Németh, a few years ago, He’s since won Blues album album of the year, that I played Keys and sax on, from a live show we did in San Jose, He’s up in 2017, for BB King Entertainer of the year at the blues awards in Memphis, He also does a guest appearance on my “Mo Folks” blues Band record, recorded in Austria
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As a long time member of the Paul Williams band, I’ve had the thrill of working with Hall of fame, Oscar Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winning songwriters, and one of my favorites, Willie Nelson, in 2013, as part of the Live DVD, “Going Back there Some day” We recorded a duet with Willie and Paul, singing Paul’s classic song from Kermit the Frog, “Rainbow Connection” with me on grand piano. I do a pretty good Willie voice impersonation, and had a great laugh doing it for Willie himself.
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At the ASCAP, “the Writer, the Singer, the Song” concert at the Library of Congress, after performing with Jon Batiste, Singer, Pianist, Composer and now music Director of Stephen Colbert Late Night. We are both from Louisiana, and have similar musical Roots, and hit it off immediately.
Looking forward to seeing great things come from Jon, a very talented musician.
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August 1956, That’s 5 year old JLS (in the red shirt ) with Vernon Presley and my 2 older Brothers. Elvis had just bought his first home a few doors down from my Aunt and Uncle on Audubon Drive in Memphis, It was a very exciting time seeing the birth of Rock and Roll. Mr Presley took me on a tour of the house, and Elvis’ bedroom. I actually used the bathroom of the king.

Check the video of Elvis’ first home in Memphis
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Performing with Keith Emerson of Emerson Lake and Palmer in Kelowna British Columbia, we were both on Keys, Great show, and honored to perform with one of my early rock heroes, Back in 1973, after hearing an ELP LP, I went and bought my first synthesizer, and to my surprise at the rehearsal, I still remembered some of Keith’s solos note for note, after all those years.

I spent the day before the show with him jamming on the classical music, and rBlues) We both have extensive backgrounds in Classical music, so it was a treat for me on the grand piano provided for his hotel suite.
Check out the video of the show, where I sang the ELP Hit, From the Beginning
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German Blues Fest with Long John Baldry. This was a still taken from the video broadcast of the festival, I worked in the studio and on tour with Long John, from 1986 until his death in 2005. He was a great friend and mentor. He’s been called the father of the British Blues, having discovered Elton John and Rod Stewart and inspired the careers of the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and me of course. We did many sold out tours of Europe, UK, Australia and Canada. I sometimes say(half jokingly,) that I replaced Elton John in the Long John Baldry band on piano, does 20 years later count?… (LOL)
We still miss him, his music, and great times together
Baldry featured me as a lead vocalist on the many blues tests and tv shows we did including this
German music show Ohne Filter in 1993
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Opening Act for the Bonnie Raitt Tour 2013,
where I had one of the top bands in Western Canada.

We opened the sold out shows in Vancouver, Calgary for around 3,000 people at each show
I met Bonnie at a small bar gig in 2003, in Ukiah CA, when we discussed working together. She's been a great friend and supporter of my music.
Since then, I did a guest slot with her at the Vienna Opera House in 2013.
Here's a great review of our show in Vancouver
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A photo taken during some of the recording sessions for Zigaboo Modeliste's CD, at Red Rooster Studio, in Berkeley CA, "On the right Track" with Dr. John and I both on Keyboards. (i'm also on background vocals, and horn section)
Dr. John was in town at Yoshis, in Oakland.

I met Dr. John in 1973, along with Professor Longhair at the
Montrreux jazz fest, in Switzerland when I was 21, While studying in Rome Italy.

Hearing Dr. John, The Meters, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint in the same show was a musical epiphany for me, and I've been a student and a fan ever since. Zigaboo of the Meters, were Dr. John's backing group on many albums, and the backing group at that festival. Since that time, my band "Buster Brown" in Dallas did a week double bill with the Meters, in the 70s. My brother Chip hired the Funky Meters for his son Dean"s Wedding in 2005, in Birmingham Alabama, and I guested on lead vocals with them.

I've incorporated
Dr. John's piano style into much of my music since then, He is a master of so many styles, blues, Gospel, jazz, ragtime, boogie, and it was an honor to be on the same cd with him, and watch him work in the studio

I was fortunate to open for Dr. John a few times, and was part of Zigaboo's band in the Bay area for a short time before moving to Vancouver, in 2006.

if you Check out the CD, streaming from Spotify. on the track "Welcome to New Orleans", I'm doing the funky wah-wah, Clavinet, ( Dr. John's doing the piano,) plus backing vocals, and horn section.