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Taking the stage at the Calgary Bluesfest on Saturday afternoon was the John Lee Sanders Band, showing Calgary blues fans the heart and soul of the New Orleans Sound: blues-infused soul, jazz and gospel at its finest.
"What a pleasure if was to be able to work with you.
I've worked with a lot of people over the last 30 years,
and you are absolutely in the top rank.
Your creation of emotional melody
and harmony seems like wizardry.
I have no idea where it comes from, but it flows effortlessly from you, seemingly without thought.
thanks for the opportunity to sit next to you and be part of the process.
With huge long term Gratitude
Dave Goelz, AKA "Gonzo" of the Muppets
"I've been hearing Doc Goes Hollywood all along, and I think it's tremendous. Can't wait to hear the finished deal. Your work on it is spectacular." Great work John,
Huey Lewis
William Ross
"I thought you did an amazing job and made my job so much easier. All the vocal complexities you added just really elevated the song.
Really great work John. Bravo on Your work"
William Ross, Music Director, 2007 -2011 Academy Awards, Producer & Music director for Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and world class film composer.
(John Lee's Producer and Arranger on Doc Goes Hollywod)

What a touching, powerful performance ...     Great work my friend.  You give straight from the center of your chest every time.   Many many thanks.
Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Golden Globe Winning Singer Actor Songwriter

I just wanted to tell you again what a fabulous job you and the brilliant
musicians you assembled delivered at our show.
(ASCAP "We Write The Songs Concert", Washington DC)
There was not only a diversity of performers,  genres,  and music
styles---but also---as you are well aware--- a diversity of  temperaments
that made the process more than a bit challenging.....and is there
anything that John Lee Sanders can't do??
Nevertheless,  you and your team were courteous and professional at all
times,  and the accompaniment was perfect from top to bottom of the show!

Karen Sherry, ASCAP's senior VP/director of industry affairs and VP/executive director of the ASCAP Foundation.
Billboard Magazine's #26 most powerful Woman in the Music Industry, 2010
The experience of having you on the tour - not only because of your amazing and most soulful musicianship (which blew all of us away) but because of your mellow disposition and
positive spiritual energy - was priceless to me.

Maria Muldaur, Blues/Roots/Jazz Vocalist
Grammy nomination 2011
How delightful it was to share the stage with you and your magical musicality. I so look forward to working with you again"
USA Tour/ Paul Williams/Melisa Manchester
"Songs & Stories,2003-04"
Melissa Manchester, Grammy winning singer/Songwriter
John, I totally dug the hang. I hope we get a chance to do something again.
Take care and looking forward to Doc Goes Hollywood

Leland Sklar, Bass, Toto, James Taylor, Phil Collins
....Tuned in to your Site...It sounds Great
I love that Louis Jordan Number (Saturday Night Fish Fry)
Reese Winans, Keyboards, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Liner Notes by David Ritz
David Ritz is an American author, most of whose books are biographies of soul music
and R&B legends such as Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, and Marvin Gaye.
On four occasions, his co-authored autobiographies of musicians for books with Jerry Wexler,
The Neville Brothers, B.B. King and Etta James have been awarded the Ralph J. Gleason Award.
He is also a novelist (Blue Notes Under a Green Felt Hat, The Man Who Brought
the Dodgers Back to Brooklyn) and co-composed „Sexual Healing“

Thirty years ago, still in the full bloom innocenc
e, I walked into a little club in Dallas, Texas,
and had the top of my head blown off by a bluesman with firepower to burn.
The kid’s name was John Lee Sanders, and now the kid’s a man, and the man, steeped in the towering
tradition of deep-fried funk, is offering up his Bucket Full of Blues.
The bucket is overflowing with creative gifts
The bluesman has reached full maturity, and that promise of youth, heard so long ago, has been realized.
I’m grateful for this chance to celebrate John’s most recent achievement and offer my testimony.

Here’s what I feel about John Lee Sanders:
He’s a truth-teller, an artist who can’t help but give it to you straight.
Here’s what I love about John Lee Sanders:
His voice.
An instrument of tremendous emotional and spiritual range.
His writing.
His hooks.
His stories.
His sense, as he puts it, of
“The World As I Know It.”
His deep Louisiana roots.
His powerful connection to the fertile soil.
His grit,
his grooves.
His honesty.
His haunting cry,
his courageous assault on anything false.

“I’ve never claimed to be something I’m not,”
he writes in “Handful.
“I’ve got my flaws, but my heart is good.”
His music, his singing, his aesthetic vision are more than good;
they’re flat-out great.
At this troubling moment in the history of the Music Nation,
John Lee Sanders stands tall.
He’s major.
In his own words,
he’s hitched a ride from Memphis, dealing with the ghosts of Highway 61,
arriving in New Orleans
in order to comfort us with the good news:
that true music is truer than ever.
His songs, full-bodied and
blood-washed, are rooted in reality. He reminds us that blues are concerned with neither nostalgia nor
self-pity. John Lee Sanders’ blues are about nothing less a renewal of strength, a resurrection of the human
spirit, a projection of hard-earned hope and a declaration of extravagant love.
john, you are a true talent in every permutation of the word, and it was so much fun playing with you - I hope we can do more!
Lyle Workman, Guitarist with Sting, and Film Composer, of "Get Him To the Greek", Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 40 Year old Virgin, and guitarist on "Guitar Hero" game
john... we are so proud of you and what you do for others... it's a thankless job taking on projects that help people, and, at the end of the day, those that do the work usually end up tired and sitting alone after all is said and done. but, you are a true example of what a musician is and does for others and your music genious puts you in the category of a true artist. good job, my friend.
James Marion Moak, Mississippi Bluegrass Musician and family friend since 1953