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"I thought you did an amazing job and made my job so much easier. All the vocal complexities you added just really elevated the song. Really great work John. Bravo on Your work"
William Ross, Music Director, 2007 -2011 Academy Awards, Producer & Music director for Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and world class film composer. (John Lee's Producer and Arranger on Doc Goes Hollywod)
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    What a pleasure if was to be able to work with you. I've worked with a lot of people over the last 30 years, and you are absolutely in the top rank. Your creation of emotional melody and harmony seems like wizardry. I have no idea where it comes from, but it flows effortlessly from you, seemingly without thought. thanks for the opportunity to sit next to you and be part of the process. With huge long term Gratitude
    Dave Goelz, Gonzo & Zoot of the Muppets
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    The experience of having you on the tour - not only because of your amazing and most soulful musicianship (which blew all of us away) but because of your mellow disposition and positive spiritual energy - was priceless to me.
    Maria Muldaur, Blues/Roots/Jazz Vocalist Grammy nomination 2011
  • "I've been hearing Doc Goes Hollywood all along, and I think it's tremendous. Can't wait to hear the finished deal. Your work on it is spectacular. Great work John, You’re a treasure”
    Huey Lewis
  • JOHN LEE ...YOU'RE A BLESSING AND A GIFT ...YOU'VE ALWAYS GOT A ROOM IN MY HEART ...What a touching, powerful performance ...     Great work my friend.  You give straight from the center of your chest every time.   Many many thanks.
    PAUL WILLIAMS, Oscar/Grammy/Emmy/Golden Globe Winning Singer Actor Songwriter
  • “big congratulations on winning the trifecta BC blues awards. I can dig it as the record(s) are all great. Bucket Full of Blues is slammin. One of my musical heroes, a quadruple threat!!
    Bonnie Raitt
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    He is comparable with Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and Ivan Neville. The standing room crowd followed John Lee unconditionally, deep into the humid swampy back streets of the Crescent City, the world of Mardi Gras, on his journey through the dive bars of Tremé, Uptown, Downtown, Mardi Gras Indians, a soulful mix of Cajun, zydeco, Gospel, funk, blues and swinging Old Time Jazz – improvisational, and tight at the same time. John Lee Sanders is a highly creative artist, a great musician and above all, an outstanding composer. a concert that will go down in the annals. Ingolstadt Blues Festival.
    Donau Kurrier, Ingolstadt Germany
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    Using his songwriting melodic capabilities, Dan has also written many of the best-remembered television themes of the 1980's and 90's - "Home Improvement", "Roseanne", "Bosom Buddies", and "Carol & Company" are just a few. His work has been recognized with numerous awards and Emmy nominations.
    What an amazing artist you are. To play both Sax and Electric guitar parts to my themes was inspirational. Thanks so much for being a part of this terific evening once again.
    Dan Foliart